Surya Pande

Hello! I'm a NYC-based designer (originally from Bali) with a diverse skillset in printmaking, motion graphics, identity systems, typography, and book design.


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is a graphic designer from Bali and Based in New york City. Her areas of interests are book design, identity systems, typography, motion graphics and printmaking.

Sahodari House - Identity
Developing a comprehensive brand identity for a boutique hotel.

Harmony in Being III - Printmaking & Motion Graphics
A Monoprint animation that explores printmaking as a meditative tool for spiritual healing, inspired by Balinese offerings.

Entanglyph - Typeface Design
A typeface that bridges the gap between quantum entanglement and human connection through its fluid form.

Sojourn - Identity
A branded wellness conference experience with motion graphics.

 Color Series - Printmaking
Symbolizing a daughter's healing journey and symbolic connection to her mother.

Delfina Balda - Motion Graphics
Social media graphics for fashion brand.

Harmony in Being I - Book Design
Exploring Balinese harmony (Tri Hita Karana) through 256 images.

Harmony in Being II - Book Design
 A book that bridges Balinese philosophy to global audience.

An Aesthete’s Journal of Today - Book Design
Exploring aesthetics through memes

B&W Series - Printmaking 
Exploring techniques like tracing, stencils, and mixed methods

A [Working Title] - Identity
InteriorDesign Studio: Branding with Logo, Grid & Stationery